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Included in Our
Amazon PPC Service

Product Sponsored Ads

This type of advertisement can be used by both first-party and third-party sellers commonly known as search ads or product listing ads. These ads usually show up at the top and bottom of the search results page, and even next to competitor pages. These ads let you show your product to people who are looking for it, and they can go straight to your product page. People who advertise can choose different ways to show their ad and decide how much they want to spend and how long the ad should run. Our experts use both automatic and manual methods to make sure your ads work well. If you let us run your ads, we can help you reach a lot of people quickly!

Brand Sponsored Ads

Both sellers and brand owners can use these ads. Brand Sponsored Ads are much better at getting people to take action compared to other types of ads, especially when it comes to getting people to buy things. These ads show your brand logo, a special headline, and three of your products when people search for things. Our experts who run these ads use their knowledge, new ways to reach people, where to put the ads, and other marketing tricks to make sure lots of people click on your ads and buy your products. Let our experts help make your products really popular with the right ads!

Product Display Ads

Only vendors can use this special ad feature. If you’re a seller, you might have wanted to advertise your product on your competitor’s page. Product Display Ads do just that. You can put your product right under the “add to cart” button on your competitors’ pages by showing it to people who are interested. Sometimes, these ads can also show up on pages where customers write reviews and even at the top of the list of products. Our Amazon experts can help you sell more of your products by using these ads that are really related to what people are looking for.

Coupons and Promotions

Only sellers who are registered on Amazon Brand Registry and have received a good number of positive reviews and feedback can use this feature. Using coupons and promos for Amazon PPC is a new marketing strategy, but it can have a big impact on products that are not selling well. What coupons do is they give your product a green badge that shows customers there’s a discount. This makes customers think they’re getting a good deal, even if it’s not a big discount. 

Our Process

How it Works?

Experience the power of our Amazon PPC Management  Service in just five simple steps

Storefront Analysis

Provide us the permission to your account and let our expert review your Listing.

Campaign Optimization

Utilizing data analytics, we optimize campaigns to deliver a lower ACOS and boost ranking.

Preliminary Report

With our ASIN Software, our Data Analysts prepare a preliminary report.

Performance Review

We publish monthly reports and set targets for the next month.

Split Testing

We create multiple tailored Campaigns for split testing purposes.

Brands We Have Worked With

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Best Amazon PPC Management

Are you tired of overspending on Amazon PPC campaigns without seeing the desired results? Most sellers face this challenge, spending an average of $1200 per month on PPC ads, but often failing to maximize their ROI due to ineffective management.

At The Techload, we specialize in Amazon PPC management and optimization services. Our team of Amazon PPC experts is dedicated to helping you reduce costs and increase sales. We understand that while setting up PPC campaigns is easy, achieving optimal results requires careful and ongoing optimization.

Here’s how our Amazon PPC management service works:

We create a personalized dashboard for your campaigns, utilizing a proven tracking mechanism. This dashboard provides real-time insights into crucial metrics like ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sales) and CTR (Click-Through Rate).

Our experts identify and add high-performing keywords to your campaigns to maximize your ad visibility and reach the right audience.

We fine-tune your bid strategies to ensure you get the best value for your advertising spend, helping you stay within budget while achieving your sales goals.

We refine your targeting parameters to reach the most relevant audience, increasing the chances of conversion.

We develop a comprehensive Amazon advertising strategy tailored to your business, products, and goals.

We optimize your product listings to ensure they align with your PPC campaigns, improving overall ad performance.

Ready to take control of your Amazon PPC campaigns? Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our Amazon PPC consultants, and let’s start optimizing your advertising for success.

Help Center

Frequently Ask Question

Here are some common questions and answers regarding our Amazon PPC Management Services:

Amazon PPC management is all about effectively running, improving, and fine-tuning your Amazon pay-per-click campaigns.

The cost of Amazon PPC can vary widely for each seller. It depends on factors like the number of ad campaigns you run and the keywords you target. Typically, you can expect to pay anywhere from $0.15 to $6 per click. However, the competitiveness of your product category also plays a significant role in determining your PPC costs.

Amazon PPC experts conduct thorough research to pinpoint the most effective keywords for your product. They assess relevance and popular search queries. The performance of these keywords influences whether your product appears in search results and how prominently it ranks.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management refers to the practice of supervising and controlling a company's spending on PPC advertising. This typically involves formulating strategies, making ad purchases, and optimizing campaigns with the goal of minimizing overall expenditure.

An Amazon agency plays a pivotal role in assisting business owners in making informed decisions to bolster their presence and success on the Amazon platform. They are instrumental in creating, fine-tuning, and executing product listings and storefronts to maximize traffic generation and sales potential.


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