How to Get More Amazon Product Reviews in 2024

As an Amazon seller, you are well aware of the importance of acquiring reviews for your private-label products. Amazon product reviews and ratings play a pivotal role in Amazon SEO as they enhance sales and establish trust with customers. However, the question remains: How can you effectively obtain them?

We understand that reviews play a crucial role in influencing consumer decisions and are highly valued by sellers. One of the primary Amazon seller challenges is obtaining product reviews. That’s why we’re here to share the latest insights on how you can maximize your business growth in 2024.

Are you facing challenges in obtaining Amazon product reviews? Are your customers failing to provide valuable feedback? Don’t worry. In this blog post, we will explore effective strategies to help you get more product reviews on Amazon in 2024, ensuring your brand stands out and attracts potential customers.

Why are Amazon product reviews important?

Before we dive into strategies on how to get more product reviews, let’s first understand why they are important for your Amazon business.

  1. Increase Credibility and Trust: Product reviews serve as social proof of the quality and reliability of your products. A high number of positive reviews can help build trust and credibility among potential customers.
  2. Influence Purchase Decisions: Consumers often rely on product reviews to make informed purchasing decisions. Reviews provide insights and feedback from previous buyers, making them a crucial factor in the buyer’s journey.
  3. Improve Search Ranking: Amazon’s algorithm takes into account the number of reviews and ratings when determining search ranking. The more positive reviews your product has, the higher it will rank in search results.
  4. Feedback for Product Improvement: Reviews also provide valuable feedback for product improvement. Pay attention to any recurring negative comments and use them to make necessary changes to your product.
  5. Increase Sales: Positive reviews have a direct impact on sales, as they can attract potential customers to make a purchase. The more positive reviews you have, the higher your chances of increasing sales and amazon product ranking

Amazon Product Review Guidelines

Amazon has a strict policy on seeking product reviews, and it’s essential to understand what is considered acceptable and what is not. Violating Amazon’s policies can lead to account suspension or even closure. Here are some key points to keep in mind when asking for reviews:

Do not offer incentives

As of 2016, it was possible to provide products at a reduced price, or even for free, in exchange for a product review. This strategy proved beneficial for numerous sellers, enabling them to build reviews and enhance their popularity. Amazon banned this practice in 2016 and Amazon strictly prohibits offering incentives or rewards in exchange for reviews. This includes gift cards, discounts, free products or any other form of compensation.

Do not manipulate reviews

This includes asking friends and family to leave reviews, posting fake reviews, or hiring a review service to generate positive feedback. It is against Amazon’s policies and can lead to severe consequences.

Do not include links in your review requests

Amazon does not allow direct links to external websites in review requests. This includes your brand’s website, social media pages, or any other platform. It is essential to adhere to this guideline to ensure compliance with Amazon’s regulations.

Do not ask for positive reviews

Amazon only allows sellers to request honest and unbiased reviews from customers. Asking specifically for positive reviews is against their policies. This approach ensures fairness and transparency in the review system, fostering trust and credibility among buyers. 

Don’t use third-party fake review services

Fake reviews pose a significant challenge on Amazon, and this is no secret. Platforms like Fiverr offer services that promote fake 5-star ratings and reviews at a low cost – and when I say low, I mean cheap. Amazon has strict policies against using any third-party services or bots to generate reviews. This includes purchasing reviews, hiring fake review writers, or using automated systems.

Follow Amazon’s communication guidelines

When asking for a review, make sure to use the designated Amazon messaging system. This ensures all communications are within Amazon’s guidelines and can be monitored by their team if necessary.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure your review requests are within Amazon’s policies and minimize the risk of any consequences.

How to get product reviews on Amazon in 2024

To establish a long-lasting and successful business, it is important to prioritize authentic approaches that generate high-quality reviews while effectively mitigating negative feedback. Let’s dive into some effective strategies to help you get more product reviews on Amazon in 2024:

Sell high-quality products

The first and most crucial step in building customer satisfaction is to ensure that your products are not just good but of excellent quality. By focusing on delivering exceptional value and exceeding customer expectations, you can create a lasting impression that encourages positive reviews and recommendations. When customers are satisfied with their purchase, they are more likely to leave positive reviews and recommend your products to others, helping to grow your business organically.

Use Amazon Vine Program

One effective strategy to generate more product reviews is by utilizing the Amazon Vine Program. This program enables you to send your products to selected Amazon vine reviewers who will provide honest feedback in exchange. While there may be a cost associated with participating in the program, it can be a worthwhile investment in acquiring valuable and genuine reviews for your products.

amazon vine program new enrollment fee charges 2023

Use product inserts in your packaging

Personalized Amazon product inserts offer sellers an excellent opportunity to connect with consumers and request reviews and feedback. Consider including a simple thank you card or insert that expresses gratitude for their purchase and also highlights the importance of their feedback. This not only shows appreciation but also serves as a gentle reminder for customers to share their positive experiences with your product. Be careful when designing your inserts, because Amazon’s strict policy on asking customers for reviews applies here as well. 

amazon product insert template

Another effective approach is to use Amazon’s “Request a Review” button, which can be found on the Order Details page of your Seller Central account. This feature allows you to send an automated email requesting a review from customers who have already made a purchase.

This is a simple yet effective way to remind customers to leave a review for your product without directly asking them. By utilizing Amazon’s “Request a Review” button, you can automate the process and save time while still prioritizing customer feedback.

how to request a customer review on amazon seller central

Follow up with customers

To establish communication with your customers, it is important to adhere to Amazon’s ‘Seller Code of Conduct’. According to this code, sellers are only permitted to contact customers through the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service. The purpose of using this service is to facilitate order fulfillment and provide customer support. It is essential to note that marketing and promotional communications are strictly prohibited. Make sure to personalize your message and avoid any promotional language.

Utilize social media

Leverage your brand’s social media platforms to engage with customers and encourage them to leave reviews on Amazon. You can also use social media to share positive reviews and showcase customer satisfaction.

Use third-party automated email responders

Consider using a third-party automated email responder to request reviews from customers or to follow up with them after their purchase. These tools can save time and help streamline the process of requesting reviews.

To improve your overall rating on Amazon, consider these strategies:

  1. Offer high-quality products.
  2. Provide accurate and detailed product descriptions.
  3. Respond to customer feedback promptly and professionally.
  4. Maintain competitive pricing. By implementing these tips, you can increase positive reviews and ratings on Amazon.

According to Amazon's Community Guidelines, customers are allowed only one review per product. Multiple reviews for the same product, even if purchased or received as a gift multiple times, are not permitted. Amazon may also limit the number of reviews per customer in a week if policy violations are suspected.

On Amazon, the average review rate is  1-2%. This means that out of every 100 sales, you can expect 1-2 reviews. However, it is possible to achieve higher and aim for a review rate of 5%, equating to one review for every 20 sales. The key to achieving a high review rate is providing excellent customer service, offering high-quality products, and utilizing strategies to encourage feedback.

Receiving negative reviews on Amazon can be disheartening, but there are steps you can take to address them and improve your overall rating. Some ways to fix negative reviews include responding promptly and professionally, maintaining high levels of customer service, improving product quality, and encouraging more positive reviews.


The success of your selling experience on Amazon heavily relies on product reviews. These reviews have the potential to either make or break your reputation. Getting more Amazon product reviews & product ratings requires consistent effort and a commitment to offering high-quality products and exceptional customer service. 

It is highly recommended to follow Amazon’s legitimate methods, which are entirely free from any ethical ambiguities. Always prioritize adherence to Amazon’s policies to safeguard your entire seller account. Remember, each review is an opportunity to showcase your brand and attract more customers. Embrace this opportunity, and let your customers become your advocates.

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