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Brand Overview

Burpee’s pursuit of the perfect sunflower seed started in the founder’s kitchen by experimenting with various spices and roasting techniques. He was looking for a larger seed with an easily crackable shell and a crunchy, brittle kernel that had long-lasting flavor, without the salty burn. All of Burpee’s flavors are NonGMO verified, free of gluten, MSG, and artificial ingredients; full of vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats.

The Techload Services

  • Marketing
  • Video
  • Lifestyle Images
  • Infographics
  • Advertisement
  • Platform Management
  • SEO Optimization
  • Brand Content
  • Troubleshooting & Logistics

The Challenges

New brand to the market – Burpee was a fairly new product competing against three big, established brands that had been in the sunflower seed market for many years.

PPC – Since we were competing against established brands, high search volume keywords were difficult to rank for and it was hard to convert on highly relevant keywords due to lack of social proof and brand recognition.

Supply Chain & Advertising Costs – We onboarded Burpee in September of 2020 just as advertising costs were rising on Amazon and FBA fulfillment centers were starting to backup.

New Product Launches – Burpee has launched several different new flavor and package quantity offerings that require a strategic plan in order to launch successfully.

The Approach

In order to define our strategy, we started by analyzing our target market and competitors.

We then followed a plan integrated with the following elements:

  • Marketing & Design
    1. We first identified the top competitors within the niche, focusing on sunflower seeds that have a similar value proposition to Burpee Seedery.
    2. Our research also discovered that there was strong seasonality tied to Baseball season.
    3. We used the aforementioned data, to create our A+ Content, Infographics and Copywriting. We made heavy references to sports through our imagery and copy to drive sales, improve BSR and keyword ranking.
    4. Our copy and images were also focused on their flavors and our SEO leaned heavily on relevant keywords.This provided better conversion and lead us to new, highly pertinent keywords.
    5. We also update our designs periodically.
  • New Product Launches
    1. We’ve worked to expand the product offerings by including package quantity options, virtual bundles including top flavor combinations. 
    2. Each launch goes through a step-by-step process that is a combination of design, parentage, and SEO tailored to take advantage of Amazon’s algorithm and maximize sales at launch. 
  • Advertisement & PPC
    1. We created campaigns with the main keywords, competitors, category, video and defensive targeting of our main competitors and our products to avoid customers window shopping in other listings.
    2. We optimize the campaigns accordingly to make sure the account makes the best use of the ad spend.
  • Conversion Rate
    1. After our first round of optimizations, we’ve continuously A/B tested titles, images, A+ content and bullets to build the best possible Product Detail Page.
    2. After showing success with SEO & design highlighting the different flavors, we created video ads focused on flavors as well.
    3. As a consumable, there is a high potential for repeat purchases so we do our best to drive subscriptions through seller-funded discounts on Subscribe & Save and enroll new ASINs into S&S as soon as they go live.

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